Primary Training Course in AK

Before you can fly any plane, let alone a floatplane or tailwheel, you should successfully complete a primary training course. If you live, work, or vacation in Alaska (AK), you can receive your primary training from Alaska Float & Tailwheel Training.

What Is Primary Flight Training?

Primary flight training allows a prospective aviator to learn and master the most basic of airmanship skills. Primary training includes both ground school and flight lessons with a licensed flight instructor. This course will prepare you to undertake higher-level flight training.

Why Fly in Alaska?

Alaska has notably difficult terrain to fly in—which actually makes it one of the best places to learn this skill. Because Alaska’s terrain presents more challenges, it requires students of aviation to fly more carefully and learn about navigating difficult terrain immediately. In other words, when you train in difficult terrain, you’ll be more equipped for difficult situations.

Another benefit of flight training in Alaska is the opportunity to witness beautiful sights that are unlike those found in any other state. Pursue your dream while also taking in the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness from the skies.

Why Choose Alaska Float & Tailwheel Training?

When you want to learn how to fly, you need to work with those who have extensive experience as aviators and as flight instructors.

We have two full-time instructors, Darlene Kellogg Rudisill & Tammy Farrell who together boasts over 21,000 hours of total flight time and 15,000 hours of instruction time. They are equipped to help you take your dream to the skies. Darlene is also a Designated Pilot Instructor (DPE), meaning she can give you the final check ride to receive a flight Certificate.

Our organized trainings also help commercial pilots obtain their commercial float rating, so aspiring pilots can take their skills to new heights.

To learn more about primary flight training and our other aviation courses, fill out our contact form today.